DESCRIPTION ✦PREMIUM SAFE AND EASY TO USE Lash Lift Kit packs consist of 7 items which enhance your beauty and make you more confident. This Kit can last for up to 15 uses, simply transform your eyebrows & lashes anytime, anywhere. Unlike microblading it is super easy & safe to use. ✦PERFECT FOR YOUR STYLE Lash lift can make your eyes look shining and spiritual, a great alternative to eyelash extension!. No more brow gels, eyelash curlers and fixation tools, With our 2 in 1 eyebrow styling & eyelash perm kit you will finally have the brows & lashes you've been dreaming of. ✦SUITABLE FOR ALL EYE SHAPE The lift pads come in 5 sizes and 1 pair of each size. The exclusive lift pads have super flexibility, which can easily fit the eyelid, which is the most concerned by. ✦HOW TO USE Usage instructions included back of the box. ✦PACKAGE INCLUDE Perming Lotion 6 sachets Setting Lotion 6 sachets Nourish Lotion 6 sachets Glue Bottle 10ml Eyepads 10 Pairs Mascara Brush 10 Separate Tool 10 Micro Brush 30 Y Brush 5 Slicon Rod 5 Click to ADD ON CART to get your lash lift and brow lamination kit TODAY! ✦WARNINGS Please read the entire instructions before you begin using this product. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep away from direct sunlight. If eyelashes are weak or brittle, do not use them. This product is strictly for external use.

NOSHEEN & TAYYABA Lash Lift Eyelash Perm Kit Instant Fuller Eyebrows, Eyelashes