Iconic Eyelash Extension Adhesive Professional Glue By NOSHEEN & TAYYABA ✦QUALITY: We used main ingredients such as carbon black, natural rubber, and cyanoacrylate. We take our clients serious and provide them the best, and safest formula to help to create the beautiful and natural look. ✦DURABILITY: The retention of our eye ultra plus eyelash glue is up to 5 to 7 weeks, due to strong bonding of glue. The shelf life of glue is one year. ✦DRY TIME: The dry time of eyelash extension glue is less than a second. It dries very fast as you use it. ✦HOW TO USE: Shake up and down evenly before use, so that the carbon black in the glue is fully bonded, the glue drops into a full round shape, and the eyelashes are clipped and put on the glue, and the basic distance between the false eyelashes and the eyelashes is 0.1mm Just stick in its place. It is recommended to replace every 15 minutes after each drop. ✦STORAGE METHOD: Please put it in the refrigerator before opening or keep it in a cool place away from light. The most suitable temperature is 22-26C and humidity is 40%RH- 70%RH. ✦SPECIFICATION Color: Black Volume: 8ml Ingredients: carbon black, natural rubber, and cyanoacrylate NOTE: WARNING Please keep it out of the reach of children Allergies need to be tested before use. Please wipe the mouth of the bottle clean and tighten the cap after use. If it gets into your eyes, please wash with warm water, and If the situation is serious, please seek medical attention immediately. Click to ADD ON CART to get your eyelash extension glue TODAY!

Eyelash Extension Glue

    • 【THE PERFECT CHOICE】Nosheen and tayyaba ha bring a professional and low fumes glue. This eyelash extension glue is exactly what every lash artist needs for perfect results!. It dries up instantly, turns dark without leaving behind any trace.
    • 【FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY】: Our lash extension glue is for professional lash artists only! Never use it for strip, cluster or other self-application. If you have any unsatisfied, please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible and try our best to help you.
    • 【FAST DRYING & LONG LASTING】: Due to use of our main ingredients it makes the eyelash extensions extra strong hold and the retention time upto 5-7 week. It dries in less than a second.
    • 【HOW TO USE】: Shake up and down evenly before use, so that the carbon black in the glue is fully bonded. Keep eyelash extension glue temperature of 22- 26C, and humidity is Please place it out of reach of children.
    • 【Quickly-Dry】: In less than a second your eyelash glue will be dry. Say goodbye to long waiting times, smearing and unpleasant sensations with this quick-dry eyelash glue for lash extensions.